When will I receive my order for Issue 01?  All copies of Issue 01 have shipped. If you have a question about your order, please email us with your order confirmation number and your inquiry. 

Do you ship internationally?  — We do! We ship from both Portland and Berlin, and surprisingly it is the same price to ship anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, subscriptions are available here

I just subscribed. When will I get the magazine? — Thanks for subscribing! Subscriptions start with Issue 02, which will ship in the spring. Please allow additional time for shipping to locations outside the USA.

I don't want to subscribe, can I order a single copy of the magazine instead?  Yes! Single copies will be available when we announce the launch of Issue 02.

I don't want to pay for shipping. How can I get the magazine for free in my city? — Keep an eye on our stockists page for news, and follow us on Instagram for updates regarding shops carrying Broccoli. Copies move quickly! 

There are no shops in my city carrying Broccoli. When will Broccoli be in my city? — Have your favorite shop reach out to us about carrying the magazine. 

I'm a store interested in carrying Broccoli. How can I do this? — Email us and tell us about your shop, and we will send you ordering information. 

Can I sell Broccoli in my store? — No, Broccoli is a free title and must be given away free of charge.