When will I receive my pre-order for Issue 01?  — If you ordered by November 6th, your order will be shipped by November 30th. You will receive a shipping confirmation by email, and your package will ship via USPS Priority Mail. 

I ordered after November 6th, when will I receive my magazine?  All orders placed after November 6th will be shipped by January 31st. 

Why are there two shipping dates for Issue 01?  We are receiving our shipment of Issue 01 from the printers in two batches, one in November and one in January. 

Why is international shipping so expensive?  All of our orders are shipping via USPS Priority International, because it is the cheapest international shipping method that includes tracking. This means your order is less likely to get lost, and you'll receive it faster.  

I don't want to pay for shipping. How can I get the magazine for free in my city? — We will be announcing our retail partners by November 30th, keep an eye on our stockists page for news, and follow us on Instagram for updates regarding shops carrying Broccoli. 

There are no shops in my city carrying Broccoli. When will Broccoli be in my city? — We will be expanding our stockist list in January. Have your favorite shop reach out to us about carrying the magazine. 

I'm a store interested in carrying Broccoli. How can I do this? — Email us and tell us about your shop, and we can add you to the waiting list for January. All we ask is that you cover shipping costs via USPS ($16.30 for 20 copies). 

Can I sell Broccoli in my store? — No, Broccoli is a free title and must be given away free of charge.