Broccoli Pitch Guidelines

Broccoli is a magazine for cannabis lovers, but only some of what we publish directly references weed.

We love fresh, informed, personal takes on film, music, fashion, and design—either of the moment or treasures from the past—as well as pieces about history and unexpected themes, especially when they include little-known people and things that might be of interest to Broccoli readers, who are funny, informed, curious, and smart.

When it comes to weed, education is a big part of what we do. We love publishing thoughtful, well-researched, compelling stories that explain the science, history, culture, and economics of cannabis that can connect to casual cannabis users but offer enough sophistication to draw in more informed readers. And, of course, there are so many stories about weed (and women) that have not been told. We make space for those, too.

We are enthusiastic but balanced; witty and funny, but never snide or snarky. All of our pieces go through a rigorous editing process and are fact-checked. We pay all contributors; rates are negotiated when a piece is commissioned.


When it comes to pitches, please be brief, and don’t send attachments—keep it all in the body of the email.

Include relevant links, as well as links to the writing that best captures your voice and perspective.

We're committed to surfacing unique and unheard voices. If you don't have clips that show what you can do, point us to the writing that best represents you, wherever it lives, and give us a bit more in your pitch so we get a sense of your style, thinking, and perspective.

As a publication, we are committed to centering stories and perspectives that have been pushed to the margins. We work with a diverse roster of writers and prioritize pitches that center women, people of color, and non-binary folks. We ask writers to be thoughtful about their sources and subjects, and look for every opportunity to center these voices and experiences, too.

In general, we prefer to commission original work specifically for Broccoli.

Broccoli is an international publication; we have readers in over 40 countries. We love to get pitches from all over the world, and we live for fascinating niche stories and local talent, but stories need to appeal to our eclectic and geographically diverse audience.


Broccoli goes to print three times a year, and there is a four-month gap between issues, so breaking news-style stories are not the best fit for us. We look for stories that go beyond the moment.

Thank you!