Heartbeat Magazine: Music Art Submissions Call

Heartbeat Magazine: Music Art Submissions Call

Hello artists, photographers, illustrators and visual people,

We’re diving into production on Heartbeat, a new music magazine dedicated to the art of listening and sonic curiosity. This publication reaches beyond the world of album reviews and artist rankings to consider music and sound through a thoughtful, conceptual lens. Heartbeat will have its own look and feel within the Broccoli universe, and the overall vibe will be open-hearted, vivid, passionate, and fun.

This approach comes with a creative challenge: How will we transform sound into visual matter?

This is where you come in! Now’s your chance to share your art for consideration.

Before we dig into what we’re looking for, please note that we are not interested in concert photography unless there’s something truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind about the stage/set design that could stand alone as a feature. We are also not looking for standalone artist/band portraits (aside from some specific ones you’ll see below). We’ll be featuring musicians in the magazine, but we’re going to approach those people directly (not based on what photos they have).

And here is some absolutely crucial information: If we decide to work with you, whether licensing existing images or creating something new together, you MUST be able to provide high-res, 300 DPI files that are print-friendly. If you’ve never printed your work before, please be upfront about this so we can tell you how to get us files that will look great in print.

♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚. ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚. ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚. ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚. ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚. ♫⋆。♪

We’re excited to see:

♫ Conceptual representations of sound. This could take many forms! Do you paint music? Create unique graphic notations? Figured out how to photograph sound waves?

♫ Impersonators, drag artists, and cover bands that commit to the look. Do you have a spectacular portrait series to share?

♫ Community portraits of wonderfully regular people engaging with music. Are you a great portrait photographer with access to a musical group? It could be a kid’s music class, a community orchestra, a choir, high school marching band, regulars at the record store, etc.

♫ Special collections. Do you have an impressive personal archive of ticket stubs? Records? Tapes? Band posters? Ephemera and merch? These could turn into a photo series or scans, depending on the items. Special attention will be given to collections that are 20+ years old; we’re less interested in current ephemera.

♫ Visual memories. Is someone in your family a well-documented musician? They don’t need to be public figures, as long as they have a bunch of interesting musically-themed photos that you’d be able to scan for us (and tell us about their story!).

♫ Photos of vanished scenes. Have you documented a music scene, space, or venue that no longer exists? We’re interested in lost music in many forms.

♫ Astounding music video stills or behind-the-scenes documentation. Did you work on a truly remarkable and unique music video? Do you have the ability to provide high-res stills? This could be something old or new.

We’re also open to ideas not on this list—if you have compelling, sound-related visual work, feel free to send it in for consideration.


The deadline to submit is March 31st. Direct submissions via email to hi@broccolimag.com

General guidelines for all art submissions
✿ Please send web res for now (no giant files, we can request high res if we decide to move forward)
✿ You must have high res available upon request at 300 DPI (for print)
✿ You must own the rights to the work. If you have collaborators, please ensure you have their permission. For photo shoots, typically the photographer is the rights-holder.
✿ We prefer attachments and public links (Drive, Dropbox) and would prefer to not use WeTransfer, unless that's your only option. Not sure if your Drive or Dropbox link is public? Test it by viewing it in a private browser tab.
✿ Please do not use Dropbox's "share" function to share a folder with us. We won’t be able to open it.
✿  Yes, we pay! Rates are determined based on the scope of the project or number of images licensed.

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We’ll work to get you a response as quickly as we can, but we expect many submissions and will need to review each one. We are a small team, so we appreciate your patience.

We’re excited to hear from you!

Image: Baude Cordier's "Belle, bonne, sage" from the Chantilly Codex.

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