Write for our new music magazine

Write for our new music magazine

Hello, writers!

Broccoli has a new magazine in the works, and we are looking for pitches.

The theme: Sound.

After Condé Nast decided to drown Pitchfork in the GQ abyss, Broccoli’s editorial team started talking. We all love music, and we all agreed that our dream music publication didn’t exist. Sure, we occasionally came across fantastic music criticism or evocative essays about the soundscapes surrounding us. Still, there was no real home for the sort of curious, wide-ranging, sonically adventurous writing we know is waiting out there, somewhere. We could sense it, even if we couldn’t quite hear it, like a ghostly reverberation.

So we decided to make a new print-only magazine—a yet-to-be-named annual publication that will be out in the world in late 2024.

And that is where this pitch call comes in—Broccoli is looking for pitches for a new annual publication on sounds. It will encompass music, of course, but it goes further. We’re interested in how sounds are made and what they do—the way they move through the air, what they communicate, why they came to be. We’ll cover peculiar instruments, lost classics, archival finds, animal noises, birdsongs, sonic booms, the bloop, chimes, thoughtful criticism, unexpected essays, treasured memories, formative experiences, and so much more.

This magazine will not cover industry news (for example, contracts, executives, tours, etc.), streaming platforms, awards shows, social media, the Rock Hall, new/hyped releases, concert reviews, or super-popular music (it’s still getting plenty of ink elsewhere). We will not be accepting PR pitches. There will be no stars or letter grades awarded.

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Instead of listing all the possible features we are interested in, here is a link to the ideas we’re pondering.

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We will be commissioning 20-30 writers for this project. Rates will be $.50/word, negotiated as a flat fee. Most pieces will be between 500 and 1000 words, with a few stretching to 2,000 words.

Before you pitch us, here is an essential detail: This magazine, like everything Broccoli creates, is not content. What is content? In this context, content is competent writing about a subject. Every writer who pitches us can generate content—but then again, so can AI (sometimes). We are looking for stories—the inimitable human sensibility that elevates something out of the content quagmire and turns it into something special and singular. Passion is usually the distinguishing factor between content and story—not the “I am so passionate about …” kind of passion, but the sort of obsessive, irresistible curiosity that shines through in a specific take, approach, subject, or voice.

Because this magazine will be published just once a year, we need stories that will be compelling to read forever—they might capture a specific moment, but there should be something in them that makes them worthwhile even if someone first reads it five years from now. (This tends to happen with our magazines; they keep finding new audiences.) The editorial team will review every pitch and let you know ASAP if it is not a fit so that you can pitch elsewhere. For the last issue of Broccoli, 400 writers pitched approximately 1200 ideas, and we commissioned 10. All this to say—expect a competitive process. Standout pitches usually have benefited from real care and deep thought.

Final details:

✿ Pitches are due by 9:00 am Eastern Time, February 28, 2024. Please send them to editors@broccolimag.com. While the pitch deadline may seem arbitrary, meeting it lets us know that you’ll be able to respect our production timelines and we cannot accept late submissions. We are a small team, and we do all we can to make the editorial process as efficient as possible since most of us are juggling multiple projects. We appreciate your care and attention in working with us.

✿ Stories will be assigned by March 4, 2024. First drafts will be due by April 1, 2024. Be concise but convey what makes your pitch special—remember, we do not want content.

✿ This pitch call is for writers only. We will announce a call for artists over our social media channels in the coming weeks, so if you want to contribute art, watch that space for details. We will not accept pitches from PR professionals.

We are not accepting poetry, fiction, academic writing, or already-written work for this project.

Do not send attachments. We will delete your email unread—we know it sounds harsh, but reviewing messages in the body of the email is much faster.

Please do not send multiple emails; have some pity on our inbox! If you have more than one story idea (excellent!), put them all in a single email.

Make sure you’ve got the goods. If you pitch an interview, know you can get access.

Questions? Reach out to editors@broccolimag.com.

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